Assistance, Training, equipment, deployment of UN peacekeepers

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Our job : to provide United Nations Troop and Police Contributing Countries  (T/PCC) with a unique, turnkey model for the preparation and the deployment of all types of Blue Helmet contingents: Formed Police Units, Infantry battalions, protection companies…

Our services :

  • Advise the permanent missions to the UN
  • Training and deployment of UN military and police units
  • Procurement and delivery of UN-compliant equipment
  • Management of UN deployment procedures
  • Operational maintenance assistance services for the deployed units

Our added value :
 To provide T/PCC with a complete force generation service with secure funding solutions based on the annual UN reimbursements model of deployed Blue Helmet units.

Upstream to downstream turnkey assistance


    United nations (UN) assistance

    • Advice to T/PCC permanent missions at the UN Headquarters in New York
    • Assistance during the negotiations of the Memorandum of Understanding and the UN inspection visits
  • peacekeeping1 Bespoke peacekeepers training programme

    Bespoke peacekeepers training programme

    • Specialist individual and collective training for UN peacekeepers – more information
    • Expert assistance to prepare and support the deployment of the contingent to the UN peacekeeping mission
  • peacekeeping2 Equipment procurement, delivery & MCO

    Equipment procurement, delivery & MCO

    • Procurement of all type of UN-compliant armoured and standard vehicles, brand new or second hand
    • Procurement of UN-compliant individual and collective equipment
    • Delivery worldwide
    • Support to deployment
    • Costs optimisation, providers and warranty management
  • peacekeeping4 Programme steering committee

    Programme steering committee

    • Programme management
    • Advice to the army and police headquarters
    • Chaired by the representatives of the T/PCC, Sovereign Global’s programme directors and specialists

To ensure optimal UN reimbursement for the T/PCCs

Press Releases

Submarine Communications Cable Lay – Djibouti

Sovereign Global (SG) Djibouti and their Commercial Diving Branch – SG Salvage – have provided logistics, vessels and IMCA qualified commercial divers to assist with the laying of the DARE1 (Djibouti Africa Regional Express-1) submarine communications cable linking the coast of East Africa.  The 5,400-kilometer...

Coral Transplantation Project Completed in Djibouti

SG SALVAGE and their client, CREOCEAN, have completed a coral transplantation project in the Doraleh area of Djibouti (November 2019). SG SALVAGE were requested to help with this delicate environmental project after an environmental impact study revealed a substantial amount of coral was under threat from...

Doraleh Oil Terminal (DOT) Anode Change Completed in Djibouti

Sovereign Global’s Commercial Diving arm – SG SALVAGE – has successfully replaced 454 anodes on the subsea piles supporting the Doraleh Oil Terminal (DOT) in Djibouti (November 2019). Doraleh Oil Terminal (DOT)Diving and welding in high-explosive hazardous environments such as Oil Terminals requires highly skilled...

SG SALVAGE Completes Barge Sling-lift onto Special Purpose Carrier

Sovereign Global Djibouti’s Commercial Diving arm – SG SALVAGE – has successfully completed a barge sling-lift onto a special purpose carrier in Djibouti Port. The operation involved lifting a 360-ton barge into the cargo hold of a special-purpose vessel specifically designed for lifts such as...