SG SALVAGE Completes Barge Sling-lift onto Special Purpose Carrier

Sovereign Global Djibouti’s Commercial Diving arm – SG SALVAGE – has successfully completed a barge sling-lift onto a special purpose carrier in Djibouti Port. The operation involved lifting a 360-ton barge into the cargo hold of a special-purpose vessel specifically designed for lifts such as these.

Barge being lifted out of the water – Djibouti Port

Once the Dive Supervisor has discussed the Dive Plan, Risk Assessment and Safe System of Work with the client, the Dive Team first conducted a survey of the barge to ensure the belly slings could be placed safely in the most effective positions. Parts of the barge hull were then cleaned to ensure the slings would not be damaged during the lift, and protective sleeves were correctly positioned at the barge corners to support the lift.The SG SALVAGE Dive Supervisor enjoyed excellent planning and communication with the client’s Project Managers, and the task was completed quickly and efficiently with minimal cost and 100% satisfaction to the client.

Barge being lifted into cargo hold

This successful task builds upon the wealth of experience SG SALVAGE has operating in Djibouti since 1999, providing vital Commercial Diving Services to the maritime industry including Wreck Removal, Salvage, Underwater Surveys (RINA and ABS class certified), Hull Maintenance, Inspection & Cleaning, Jetty/quay Construction & Maintenance, Seabed Surveys and Search & Recovery Operations. SG SALVAGE would like to thank all its crew and divers whose dedication and loyalty helped make this project a success, and we look forward to continued growth in this high-demand, specialist area.

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