Coral Transplantation Project Completed in Djibouti

SG SALVAGE and their client, CREOCEAN, have completed a coral transplantation project in the Doraleh area of Djibouti (November 2019).
SG SALVAGE were requested to help with this delicate environmental project after an environmental impact study revealed a substantial amount of coral was under threat from the building of Djibouti’s new water desalination plant at Doraleh. Djibouti is home to one of the biggest unspoilt fringing coral reefs in Africa, and it is an important contributor to the natural ocean ecosystem, the local artisanal fishing industry and the source of pleasure for a growing tourist industry. After an initial feasibility study was conducted in July 2019, coral colonies were carefully excavated & removed from the path of the planned seawater intake and brine discharge pipes, safely transported to a protected new recipient site, and finally expertly transplanted to ensure their future survival.

Coral transplantation with SG SALVAGE and their clients CREOCEAN

This latest task adds to the wealth of experience SG has gained since 1999, providing vital Commercial Diving Services to the maritime industry including Wreck Removal, Salvage, Underwater Surveys (RINA and ABS class certified), Hull Maintenance, Inspection & Cleaning, Jetty/Quay Construction & Maintenance, Seabed Surveys and Search & Recovery Operations. 

As always, SG SALVAGE would like to thank all their divers, crew and their client whose dedication and professionalism helped make this project a success, and we look forward to continued growth in the commercial and scientific diving arena. 

Previous successful tasks completed by SG SALVAGE:

  • Recovery, tow & re-sinking of 2 x 200-ton barges from Djibouti’s northern Tadjourah Port
  • Recovery, tow & re-sinking of one 250-ton barge from Djibouti’s DMP Terminal
  • Dozens of IACS Class Approved In-Water Surveys and vessel Hull Cleans
  • Search & Recovery operations for lost anchors, chains and crane heads
  • Environmental protection & recovery operations, including coral transplantation


SG Salvage is a brand name of Sovereign Global Djibouti SARL and is the only commercial diving company registered and situated in Djibouti. We are approved by ABS and RINA as recognised external specialists for In-Water Survey and our integrated Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

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