Bruno Pardigon

Group President

Director, SG Middle East & SG Djibouti In 2009, Bruno founded the company which has become the world market leader in the provision of maritime logistics services to Private Maritime Security Companies in the Indian Ocean High Risk Area. He has unique experience in the management of complex projects at sea in the Horn of Africa. He was President and CEO of the Pardigon Group before its merger with Strike Global Services that founded the Sovereign Global Group (SG) in 2012.

Jerome Paolini

Group President

President, SG France Managing Director, SG UK After extensive experience in the French government, including as adviser to the Prime Minister, Jerome served 5 years as International Director for Arianespace, the European space launch consortium. He founded Strike Global Services in 2010, the French company that was at the inception of the Sovereign Global Group (SG) in 2012.


Chris Bowen

HSSEQ Director

Chris had a distinguished & colourful career as a Mine-Clearance Diving Officer in the British Royal Navy before managing Special Projects and Overseas Operations for a leading maritime security company. He joined the Sovereign Global team late 2014 to set up a new operation in SE Asia before becoming progressively involved in the Safety and Quality aspects of the company. Now professionally qualified (Tech IOSH and Lead Auditor), Chris heads up a team of HSEQ Representatives and Regional Security Managers supporting our business and personnel deployed on worldwide operations.

Ronald Kraft

Vice President-Strategic Development 

Entrepreneur. Ability to detect and explore new business opportunities. Technology driven or market driven. Like to think ‘Out of the box’, exploring unconventional techniques to come to a solution for business problems or market opportunities.

Stephane Harder

Group Chief Financial Officer

CEO, SG Switzerland After a career in Swiss banking but also as an entrepreneur in the diving world, Stephane joined Sovereign Global in 2012 as its Group Chief Financial Officer and CEO of its Swiss subsidiary. He is responsible for financial planning and record-keeping, as well as financial reporting to the SG chairmen.

Minttu Lindahl

Managing Director of Maritime Programmes

Minttu started her maritime career in 2006 after several years of experience in business administration and financial management. She served abroad commercial vessels for 8 years worldwide and graduated in 2012 from Finland with a BSc in Maritime Technology as a Master Mariner. Minttu joined Sovereign Global in late 2011 and sailed the Group’s vessels as First Officer and Captain in East and West Africa. In late 2014 she joined the Management Team in Djibouti assuming the responsibility of shipping management as Group Fleet Manager, a role she held for 7 years. Today Minttu is the Group Managing Director responsible for the direction of the Group’s Maritime Programmes.

Yasser Souremi

Director, SG Middle East

After 10 years as commercial director for a major East African equipment group, Yasser set up his own logistics company in Dubai providing government clients with bespoke sea and air transport services and first class heavy equipment. He joined Sovereign Global in early 2012.

Varun Thadhaney

Group Chief IT Officer

Varun has an extensive experience in the management of complex IT networks & telecom infrastructures. As the head of IT for two international groups he developed architectures for the administration of IT systems and networks including anti-fraud control, network security and telecom solutions. He joined Sovereign Global in 2013.

Press Releases

Submarine Communications Cable Lay – Djibouti

Sovereign Global (SG) Djibouti and their Commercial Diving Branch – SG Salvage – have provided logistics, vessels and IMCA qualified commercial divers to assist with the laying of the DARE1 (Djibouti Africa Regional Express-1) submarine communications cable linking the coast of East Africa.  The 5,400-kilometer...

Coral Transplantation Project Completed in Djibouti

SG SALVAGE and their client, CREOCEAN, have completed a coral transplantation project in the Doraleh area of Djibouti (November 2019). SG SALVAGE were requested to help with this delicate environmental project after an environmental impact study revealed a substantial amount of coral was under threat from...

Doraleh Oil Terminal (DOT) Anode Change Completed in Djibouti

Sovereign Global’s Commercial Diving arm – SG SALVAGE – has successfully replaced 454 anodes on the subsea piles supporting the Doraleh Oil Terminal (DOT) in Djibouti (November 2019). Doraleh Oil Terminal (DOT)Diving and welding in high-explosive hazardous environments such as Oil Terminals requires highly skilled...

SG SALVAGE Completes Barge Sling-lift onto Special Purpose Carrier

Sovereign Global Djibouti’s Commercial Diving arm – SG SALVAGE – has successfully completed a barge sling-lift onto a special purpose carrier in Djibouti Port. The operation involved lifting a 360-ton barge into the cargo hold of a special-purpose vessel specifically designed for lifts such as...